Welcome. I’m lucky to live in one of the world’s great food cities, Hong Kong, where I write about our incredibly rich and diverse culinary culture. I also write about global restaurants, hotels, luxury travel and more for platforms including CNN.com, Cathay Pacific's Discovery magazine, FHM, Destinasian, Tasting Kitchen and Billionaire.


Tai Hing Roast Meats, Hong Kong:

  06/16    Hong Kong

Tai Hing Roast Meats offer charred honey pork the colour of mahogany in no fewer than 55 spots across town.


Upper Modern Bistro, Hong Kong: Pierre pops in

  05/16    Hong Kong

Imagine you work at Virgin and Richard Branson walks in. Or at the Apple store and the ghost of Steve Jobs makes an appearance. Luckily a very special guest doesn’t put the chef off his game at Upper Modern Bistro.

Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong

Dim Dim Sum, Hong Kong: Where chefs eat

  05/16    Hong Kong

Dim Dim Sum in the nether regions of Causeway Bay serve consistently good dim sum classics, in a joint beloved by local and global chefs. Just bring your earplugs to accompany the excellent cheap eats.


Tivo, Kennedy Town: Sir Edward’s finest

  05/16    Hong Kong

In the footsteps of Sir Edward, the inventive dishes at Tivo in K-Ville make me wonder why I’d not headed out this way for lunch before.